Mighty Touch team members aren’t just kiosk enclosure makers. We’re also highly skilled application designers and hardware/software consultants.

But we’re not in the business of forcing our in-house software and application solutions onto clients. First and foremost, we’re about partnering with clients to design complete kiosk experiences that make sense for them.

Other kiosk providers will offer you their “custom” homemade software and application packages, but are you just paying to have your logo slapped onto a recycled program designed for someone else?

And while they’re busy pushing their in-house products, are you getting what you want? If you’re looking for an iPhone application, will you get pressured into going Android? After your team settles on purchasing an iPad, will your kiosk sales people coax you in a completely different direction just because it’s easier for them?

That’s where we’re different. We’re happy to give you advice on software and hardware requirements, work with your in-house team to build out the right solutions, or develop applications for you from scratch. If your project falls outside of our expertise, we’ll draw from the highly skilled and credentialed group of software and application providers in our circle to find the best products for you.

Bottom line: we’re committed to helping connect you with the best of breed—wherever that comes from—period. It’s our business to help you grow yours, and that means getting you what you need to be most successful.

Insist on exploring all the options. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.