Our Products

With Mighty Touch, you’re getting much more than a physical kiosk. All of our units come with options for pre-installed base software, application development from our experts, and, of course, full support from our knowledgeable team. We’ll set you up with a package that makes the most sense for you and that will ensure your highest level of success. What we won’t do is strong-arm you into a kiosk that’s outside of your needs or talk you into a self-owned software package that benefits us more than it does you. We won’t even make you pick one of our products—we’re willing to build something completely custom, if that’s what you need. The most important thing, for us, is your ultimate success and profitability, and we’ll do what it takes to get you there.

The All Mighty Discover a whole new experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in quality and customer experience, meet the All Mighty. This unit offers an ADA compliant check-in solution with all the fixings: pre-loaded software, custom application assistance, and a variety of multi-platform options, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

The All Mighty Desktop Save space and a buck.

If you need all the functionality of a larger kiosk in a more compact package, consider the Mighty Desktop. With this unit, you can add peripheral options while maintaining a sleek enclosure. It comes pre-loaded with software, so you can hit the ground running, and it’s built with the same high quality craftsmanship you’ll find in all Mighty Touch kiosks.

The Mighty Free Stand Discover skinny and sleek.

The Mighty Free Stand is simple, yet undeniably sexy. It’s bolted to the floor, with a tablet enclosure module that pivots up and down or side to side for optimal use and viewing. The unit’s design allows for printed graphics, cut vinyl logos, and header cards for a fully customizable, branded experience. It may be slender, but with its tough-as-nails aluminum frame and acrylic enclosure, the Mighty Free Stand is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The Mighty Might Say 'hello' to the the simply slim duo.

So you have to compromise on space—but that’s where the compromising ends. In this case, it’s time to bring in the Mighty Might. This unit encases a tablet, and can be firmly bolted to a number of surfaces to ensure that the tablet stays both safe and charged. As with our free standing unit, the tabletop model allows you to add printed graphics, cut vinyl logos, and header cards for optimal branding.
Available in both Portrait and Landscape.

Custom Kiosk Design Create your own experience.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Mighty Touch can develop a completely custom kiosk experience for you, based on your unique needs and ideas. We deliver made-from-scratch solutions for both hardware and software, ensuring a complete, cohesive product that suits you perfectly. Whether a long lifecycle premium design or a COGS-sensitive economy platform, we can help. Interested? Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do to help.